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Now that Brooke and Chase are dating again, they have sex at the graduation party. "), Lucas chose Brooke, turning Peyton down, and the next morning introduced Brooke to Keith Scott as his new girlfriend, although Lucas initially wondered if he had made the right choice with Brooke citing to Haley that he chose Brooke because, unlike Peyton, she isn't covered head to toe in issues. Nathan realizes he and Brooke are alike in many ways so he can relate to her problems. Pierwszą powieść próbowała napisać w wieku dziesięciu lat. First, while in Nathan's room, she found the exam preparation box Haley had given him containing an encouraging note, and chose to come in between Nathan and Haley and used it. She is known for her work on The Christmas Card (2006), Pandemic (2007) and … It turns out he told her that he loves her, and she struggles with telling him she loves him back. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Latest Appearance: „Zgubiono Znaleziono” Brooke Davis potrafi wzruszyć i rozbawić. They soon meet a young pregnant girl, Chloe Hall, who is looking for people to parent her unborn baby. Peyton then arrives with more boxes, and they talk about Haley, Peyton clearly showing she has some anger towards Haley about leaving Nathan. 839pages onthis wiki Add New Page Edit ::*Classic editor, Comments67 Share  {| border="0" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="0" style="float:right;font-size:smaller;margin:0em0em.5em1em;width:250px;padding:4px;border:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;color:black;background:#fff;border-collapse:collapse;line-height:1.5;" Robert Theodore Davis Jr. was born to Robert Davis Sr. and his wife. After the police arrive, they find Quentin's wallet and Brooke realizes X is Q's murderer and cries on Julian's shoulder. (father) To Lucas's confusion he asks Brooke what she wants, and she states that she wanted him to fight for her, before punching Rachel and warning her never to hit her again. ("Running to a Stand Still"), She travels to New York with Owen after she challenges him since he thinks she does nothing for her job. Ted answered that he wanted time with his daughter and 'beautiful' grandsons, but Brooke asked him to help her in her business. ("Deep Ocean Vast Sea"). The two talk about the future and how Brooke can't have kids, so Julian proposes they spend all day in bed trying anyway. Brooke was very happy to have the opportunity to work with her Father and to create a strong bond with him. Brooke cocks the gun, tells Rex she hates him and that she isn't the same girl that he attacked, and is about to shoot him, but Sam begs her not to, calling Brooke "Mom" and saying she needs her. |- style="font-size:2.5;vertical-align:middle;" ("Things I Forgot at Birth") Sometimes, her father took her for a ride on his boat with Peyton ("The Desperate Kingdom of Love") . Mouth helps Brooke move in, and they discuss the fact that he and Erica Marsh broke up after she 'got popular.' Brooke Davis porusza w niej temat śmierci, starości i choroby, które, pomimo że występują na porządku dziennym, nadal pozostają tematem tabu, jakby miały jednego dnia zniknąć bezpowrotnie. Brooke Davis grew up in Bellbrae, Victoria, and attempted to write her first novel when she was ten years old. That night, however, Lucas goes to Brooke's apartment and is horrified to find that she and Chris had slept together. Also she decides to find an actress to be the face of her new line. However, he came back to his grandsons' baptism ("Know This, We've Noticed"). The following summer, Brooke returned to Los Angeles this time with her best friend, Peyton Sawyer to spend her holidays with her parents, but later returned to New York with her expanding fashion company Clothes Over Bros. Brooke gets a visit from Millicent and she is told that Victoria's plan to have Brooke keep the company is Victoria going to prison to take the blame, and after Brooke tries to stop her and tells her she doesn't want her to go, Victoria says she has to do it because it's her fault. Family: |- style="font-size:2.5;vertical-align:middle;" Julian and Brooke lie to Chloe, making them seem they have the perfect life, so Chloe wouldn't doubt them. She 619 jul offers b to leave, Julian asks Brooke and Sam to come with him to New York. Brooke then decides to run for Student Council President, against students who are much more studious, hard working and experienced than her. Seeing she may be losing Sam, Brooke draws up adoption papers. ("Are You True? Following the move to LA, Ted's business picked up and the family was able to regain their wealth. Brooke drops her off at the prison and watches as her mother goes in, sad that things had to end this way. | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Status: She shows Sam the letters, and gives her blessing for Sam to get to know her real mother, although, in actuality, it hurts Brooke to see this. After talking with Victoria about the situation, Victoria helps her realize that Julian might not be the one for her, and she asks Julian to take another movie because she wants time to be alone with herself before she can trust him again. After the party, Julian and Brooke go to the beach where he tells her that he turned the movie down to be with her, and he officially moves in. Brooke and Julian spend 6 weeks apart when Brooke goes on a business trip with Alexander to start her men's line, which she has officially named Clothes 4 Bros. She returns from her trip and runs into Julian at the airport, only to see that he's waiting for Alex. Brooke called her father "daddy" while she called her mother "Victoria" or "Mother". 322 b n p argu, Brooke shouts at Peyton. This is my first video! Brooke helps to save the four, but Jamie's seat belt is stuck. For almost 30 years, Ted was married to Victoria Montgomery. Był to wielowątkowy wgląd w wewnętrzny świat nastolatki. ("How Can You Be Sure? "), Brooke then started to actively pursue Lucas, using her signature move on him by climbing into the backseat of his car partially naked to try and seduce him. She then begins to date Felix after he promises he won't break her heart as Lucas did. During Brooke's teen years Ted moved in L.A without his daughter who moved in with Karen Roe. Brooke was then forced to fire Rachel, telling her it wasn't personal, which made Brooke question if the life she had was really a dream come true. However, Brooke and Victoria eventually came into conflict after Victoria demanded that Rachel was fired, due to her unprofessional behavior, the interference her cocaine addiction ran with her work and the scrutiny Rachel's presence brought from the press. There, they rekindle their friendship. Rachel stresses the importance of victory, while Brooke counters this by telling everyone to simply have fun. Later in life he was married to Victoria Montgomery, but he didn't love her due to his parents wishes. They kiss and begin a new relationship together. General information | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Green Brooke then slowly becomes friends with Lindsey but after they get stuck in the library with Haley, Peyton and Mia, Peyton tells her that she's her best friend and will always be, stopping the awkwardness.OTH 060, Brooke find Rachel overdosed on drugs. After Brooke's attack by Xavier Ted came back again to Tree Hill to be with his daughter. In the season finale, Lucas calls someone asking that someone if she wants to get married at Las Vegas, either Peyton, Lindsey or Brooke. Appearances: ! (maiden name)Brooke Penelope Baker | style="border-top:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;border-bottom:1pxsolid#d9d9d9;"|Female Brooke finds out that her parents are moving to California as her father has got a new job. In order to help Peyton through this difficult time, Brooke went to her house every day and spent time with her. Brooke Davis was born on June 19, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, USA. She was grateful when Rachel submitted her designs to Rogue Vogue, although her happiness quickly turned to shock when she learned that the cheerleading tournament and Rogue Vogue were scheduled at the same times, thus she would be unable to captain the team. Afterwards Brooke joined her parents at the fireworks and gave them another chance. |- style="font-size:2.5;vertical-align:middle;" Brooke was mortified and desperate to earn Lucas' forgiveness. Unbeknownst to her, Rachel had stacked the deck in her favor, leaving herself with Lucas and Brooke with Chris Keller. ===InbetweenEdit=== Upon their meeting in season six, her romance with filmmaker Julian Baker would change much of that.

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