does kol and davina have a child

to help with her pregnancy, and then she made the decision to finally return to San Francisco, especially since she had been away for nearly a week. Davina McCall has revealed that she was rushed to hospital after she was 'filled with self-hatred' at the lowest ebb of her drug addiction. lol. Adyelya is Henriikka's paternal half-cousin. 16.4K24722 Somehow Kol and Davina are expecting a child, but when the baby turns out to be one of the most hated species on Earth the family must do everything in their power to pr... Kolvina: a secret life 1.9K375 And if we forget about the matter of who’s to blame for Davina’s death (the ancestors, Kol or Davina herself), the fact that she did die still remains. "Kol!" Kol starts to freak out a bit he knows he's ready but this is really happening he's going to be a dad. " Get the details below. The two marry and have a daughter together, Lucia, created through a spell that allowed Kol to father at least one child against the laws of nature. She remembers the conversation between her and Josh. Hell why not both? Before leaving, Davina informed Kol that she was going on a "girls trip" with Freya, Keelin and Adyelya. Henriikka is considered to be Kol and Davina's "little miracle" due to the unexpected and surprising conceival, but also because of the complications that arose throughout Davina's pregnancy. What is a work exchange and how does it work? Despite this, there were still many complications that arose throughout Davina's pregnancy with Henriikka, and if not for Adyelya's blood allowing for Davina to transition into a hybrid, then she would have died in childbirth. Overall, Davina has made a promise to herself that her daughter will grow up safe, protected and loved, unlike herself as she was offered up to be a sacrifice by her mother for the Harvest ritual. Davina cried, getting to her feet. She can memorize large quantities of information, and understand people without much difficulty. So I guess Vincent is the dad but how involved does he get? In Season Five, it is revealed the two married each other. She deserved a normal life, as normal as it can be for a twice-resurrected Harvest Witch. Jack February 21, 02 2012 05:59:26. However the child will be mixed race and LOOK more like all 3 parents. Give 'em hell Davina. And what exactly is the future of Davina and Kol anyway? KEEP READING: The Vampire Diaries: Why Klaus Comes After Elena thank you! I think, ultimately, every single one of our Original family will go down that road. I want to keep her away from it all, and allow her to make the choice about whether or not our daughter wants the supernatural world around her.". With the affirmation of Davina's pregnancy, Vincent informed her that he believed her pregnancy to be the result of the Curse that the Ancestors had placed upon Kol; in order to confirm this, Vincent performed a set of magical tests and Rituals on Davina. [Used to be the Perfect Plan] Davina Claire, pregnant by Kol Mikaelson? so she starts looking into breaking the sire line so that marcel/caroline/etc don’t die along with him. Sure they're happy now. Looks like things in New Orleans are getting quite interesting, but you always have to watch your back, enemies are everywhere and with another baby in the mix, things can get very dangerous. Although living a happy life with Kol (Hope's uncle), Davina is a powerful witch who escaped death. After falling for Davina, he sided with Klaus (though he never completely abandoned plotting against his brother). via weakening Davina's body. If Davina fell pregnant, she would then be murdered by Kol in a rage of bloodlust, or Davina would die of complications during the pregnancy. With the supernatural world... the Mikaelson name, the Claire name, both of our family histories... it is a lot of pressure on a young child, especially a newborn baby that is so vulnerable in this world. Davina laughed as he kissed her neck once again. As Vincent had a working theory in relation to Davina's pregnancy, she decided to return to the French Quarter in order to figure out what was going on. It will only leave Kol and Hope all alone because Vincent and Keelin will actually die from old ages and for Freya it is yet to be known but with the help of Hope and Kol she might last way longer or not die. Due metà che insieme combaciano perfettamente.” "I have to get up and read for school." "But I'm hungry." 1. Davina is in the nursery with Kol making sure she has everything it's been a little hectic with all the originals, Hope and a pregnant witch living under one roof when her water breaks. " The Curse itself was tied to Kol's immortality as an Original Vampire to ensure that it would not break; however, when Vincent freed the Ancestors from the Ancestral Plane and Well, allowing for the spirits to find Peace, it voided the first part of the Curse, but not the second part. Action is alternately for XOR. He adds, “Davina brought back Kol, and she did that when everything else was going wrong in her world, so I feel like he has an obligation to do the exact same thing.” And what about kids? "Kol!" If the child is born through Keelin and Vincent it looks like them, not Freya. "Of course darling." Due to Davina's relationship with her mother, and knowing that her mother cared more about magic and the coven than her, Davina has vowed to never place her daughter in a position where she feels as though she comes second to magic and the supernatural world. What do … After the drama with “the Hollow” ended, Davina needed a much-needed vacation from the supernatural world. Kol laughed. This concept is one that has also been highly criticized in the Twilight films and on The Vampire Diaries . Originally posted by always-and-forever-indeed. While many of the vampires on The Originals have romantic relationships with other adults, Kol Mikelson ended up in a relationship with Davina Sinclair who was still in high school. Despite the small age gap between Henriikka and Adyelya, the two are very close to one another, having bonded very quickly. The model you are interested in, cannot run W7. With Caroline it must be something about blood.” Davina suddenly shot straight up. “Yes Nik. So, not sure if you're just looking for random theories, but according to Julie on the K.M front: I think that when you're thinking about creatures who were cursed to be immortal, the escape from that curse and the ultimate release from immortality is its own form of peace. So in my story Kol and Davina have a daughter named Elora. Initially, Kol had doubt in relation to Davina being pregnant, but eventually overcame them and is there to support Davina throughout the pregnancy. Speaking of, Kol really does have issues controlling his hunger. “Kol that is not true. And what exactly is the future of Davina and Kol anyway? He adds, “Davina brought back Kol, and she did that when everything else was going wrong in her world, so I feel like he has an obligation to do the exact same thing.” Kol/Kaleb:sleep, Davina! Davina was a teenage witch who was supposed to be sacrificed in the Harvest and the show's protagonist, Klaus, saw her as a weapon to used against the witches, as a result, she had been the main subject of a power struggle between the werewolves, the witches and the vampires Davina Claire (Davina und Kol) Im Körper von Kaleb. He states that he is fa… 20 and 1/2 years later Kol gets visions of his daughter and asks his family for help. In addition, her cousin, Adyelya, has been labelled as the "Original Tribrid" being a werewolf, witch and vampire. These moments of Davina's growing love, care and strength as a mother is shown when she experiences difficulties in her pregnancy, such as when she had to stop from using magic due to the strain on her body, or when she went onto bedrest because of other pregnancy-related issues. Davina: Kind of hard to rest with a thousand-year-old psycho in the next bed. Sure they're happy now. Henriikka is the hybrid daughter of Kol Mikaelson and Davina Claire-Mikaelson. of where the marble actually was and the k nowledge that could be . Kol it hurts.” Kol rushed to Davina, “Davina… Now if you don’t mind I have a tricky situation with my newly turned hybrid girlfriend and some research to do in mother dearests Grimoir.” He quickly hung up the phone and sighed. I couldn't help but give Davina a disappointing look and follow Kol. "They won't go near you and not near our children" Kol tells Davina he didn't want her to worry though a part of him was worried himself he wouldn't say it to anyone he is not just worried Kol Mikaelaon is also scared that something could happen to his daughter and son. And them being married. Kol And Davina. The father and daughter have a very close relationship, especially as Henriikka is the only child which Kol will have. The telly star admitted that when her first child Holly was born she wo… Like most couples — especially ones with very small children – Davina Smith and her husband have disagreements that, just like a boomerang, keep on coming back. his bloodlust, being unable to leave the city limits] by the Ancestors due to his consecration on New Orleans soil, and secondly, it allowed for him to conceive. Often a pawn or a tool in another character's quests or revenge schemes, she became a stronger character. With the help of Freya and Vincent, Davina was able to put together various herbal mixes, special lotions, pain potions, vitamins, etc. Henriikka is shown to be very kind, overwhelmingly intelligent, and a fun-loving child. This will delete the PPA or the repository in question.. Next step is to get the software from some other source and that’s totally subjective. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the TheOriginals community. The Originals Season 3 Episode 19"No More Heartbreaks" Follow meTwitter: But what I am MOST curious about is how Marcel and Rebekah's future will look with Bex as a human and wanting children. But is she going to become a vampire before she gets too old or they just going to do the bittersweet route and Kol lets her go? This makes a bit more sense because Klaus’ daughter, Hope, ends up being a very powerful witch who is able to perform huge spells when she is just a child. Does the autistic child have a “theory of mind”? The idea of unity between supernatural species is a belief which Henriikka has been studying to understand, and one which she hopes to help encourage, especially at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young & Gifted. I know she was young there but just go with it. So I guess Vincent is the dad but how involved does he get? She also has a dimpled smile as opposed to her father's crooked smile. While Katherine is considered to be the first Original vampire-witch hybrid, due to being the first witch to turn into a hybrid without being a siphoner, Henriikka is an alive, born and. Upon arriving in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Davina met with Freya and Vincent in The Abattoir. Rebekah and Kol cannot reproduce because they are vampires, but Rebekah may have a fetus loaded in her womb. It can only run W10. “Kol, something’s wrong. He is the fourth born child of Mikael Agnarsson and Esther Mikaelson (Esther's fifth born overall). Kol, being a cisgender man, does not have this ability, unless he moves into the body of a human and then returns to his original body, although to Davina who would carry the child and the child would have the DNA of someone else and not his. Davina: The only reason I'm still shacked up in this dump motel with you is for your freaky witch-encyclopedia brain. Kol was looking over at baby Amy after Davina had been thrown back to the ancestral plane and Klaus said "Who is she". "Elijah, come do a shot with us. Remember| Chapter THREE . davina, however, does, knowing that her daddy marcel has been wronged by klaus in the past, and that he’s generally a huge dickhead. Weird things about the name Davina: The name spelled backwards is Anivad. The gif does not belong to me .written because original owner said they were sadly not going to continue and that was a hell no to me .So here is a different version of her imagines Indeed, Davina discovered she was able to become pregnant due to the Curse the Ancestors placed on Kol in order manipulate him and his bloodlust; the goal in this was to have Davina fall pregnant and die by his hand, or alternatively die through complications in pregnancy/childbirth, as there were also additional effects to the Curse to make the pregnancy difficult (i.e.

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