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VIDEO DISTANCE LEARNING, VIRTUAL CLASSROOM, HOMESCHOOL SETTING. These games make the perfect way to get to practice what your direct instruction has given them. eval(ez_write_tag([[336,280],'dynamicmusicroom_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_7',108,'0','0']));Best of all, many schools are using Google Suite For Education which means Google Classroom is completely free! See more ideas about music lesson plans, elementary music, music activities. Unfortunately, you aren’t there in person to do this with them, but with Loom videos of yourself (or using YouTube, Zoom, Google Meet, etc) it’s possible to have you there for a moment. Some will be reluctant, but you’ve done your part in this case. Include in all of your lessons extra instructions geared specifically towards the parents. Incorporate music into your curriculum, with these printables. We offer a wide breadth of resources that can impact your teaching from afar. First-graders will know how to do many of the things on their own even when it’s new because you’ve taught them how music learning works. For those who haven’t looked into it yet, Chrome Music Lab is a browser-based music experimentation program similar to Garageband but focused on more visual manipulation of sound to create sounds and music. If you still wanted to download the videos, it’s easy too, but you wouldn’t need to. They also offer courses for all different levels of players including elementary and beginner. Make instructional videos for parents too to help them figure out how to use the online resources you’re offering. After you’ve taught the lesson from the lesson plan, you get to use technology. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-mobile-leaderboard-1','ezslot_16',123,'0','0']));All students nowadays like technology, but for musical concepts, it’ll mostly just get in the way. The fall of 2020 looks like we have a similar situation as we did this spring, and looking to the future, it’s entirely possible we’ll be shut down to some extent for one thing or another. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-leader-4','ezslot_15',124,'0','0']));Here are some collected tips for teaching elementary music online. We post videos and gather playlists to help teachers out too. Popular Music Lesson Plans, K-5. But people create playlists all the time to help you out and shortcut the process. Lesson Planning for Distance Learning As we move into uncertain times, there looms before us a great unknown: distance learning. Free Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template - PDF format for classroom use. However, we pass on good “deals” for us in order to give you info on the best options out there. Always make sure your assignment asks for some kind of response. Students, classes, and assignments can be done in either program and then sent through and to the other. All the normal Kindergarten elements are in place with your distance lessons: active, short and engaging, emphasize different learning styles, encourage imagination, etc. Zach VanderGraaff is a K-5 music teacher with Bay City Public Schools in Michigan. Until the new section is live, I’m going to post e-Learning lessons for the week in the printables for song 1 of PreK, Time for Music. Use this as inspiration to launch your own lessons. - For each and every students to be able to identify the basic elements of music. Even though it seems daunting, in most school districts you can make distance learning as simple or as complicated as you want. What made you keep going? There are literally thousands and millions of videos out there of music your students would otherwise never be able to see or experience. The pricing is reasonable though, and really useful. When all of this distance learning stuff began, I was STRUGGLING to figure out what to do with my students on Zoom music lessons. It is important to take care of yourselves as you juggle family and work life and to remember … Teaching Music Online Resources and Strategiesby F-Flat Books 8. Find the Resources You Need! Better yet, this program lets you also take videos of your browser screens similar to Screencastify and others like this (only way easier). I hope you enjoyed learning about these elementary music distance learning activities (hey, check out these elementary music books too). To be honest, first-graders aren’t too much better, but at least they’ve had a year to get used to how school works. Flowkey has browser and app versions available. Music Lessons Interactive Music Lessons for the General Music Classroom and Music and Movement classes. But I wouldn’t expect anything less from such an awesome learning program (can you tell I love PBS Kids?). Visit the PBS Kids’ site for building grooves and tapping the beat with the grooves. Still, this doesn’t solve the time problem either. Foodie Pro & The Genesis Framework, Thanksgiving Music Lesson for Kids-Culturally Responsive », Top 5 Music Activities for “The Nutcracker” on Youtube, Thanksgiving Music Lesson for Kids-Culturally Responsive, Distance Learning Made Simple for Elementary Music, Top 7 Christmas Songs for Pre-K & Kinder [With Movements], “The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything”-Storybook+Movement+Instruments. What can we do then to ensure the best elementary music distance learning for this tricky grade? Subject: Music Grades: K, 1, 2, 3 This lesson plan is designed to teach students the concept of rhythm in a song, by listening to music and playing instruments to represent actions. There are free versions and paid versions, but there is a free trial available and good pricing options for schools. Loom lets you take videos right away and easily. Send them over to Chrome Music Lab “Rhythm” and encourage them to create their own rhythm and sound using the platform. Want students to look at the notation of a song? The focus should still be on making music in real life. The sound lag made it impossible to sing or play rhythms together. All of my notation and embedded sheet music come through Flat’s program, and I have a positive working relationship with them. What was the most difficult part of this assignment? It’s hard to build connections and relationships through distance learning, so this is almost a necessity. I want to provide resources for these kids to make sure they’re still challenging themselves. ... school closures. Look no further; I'm here to help. Uploading videos took forever, and posting them on YouTube gave access to everyone which some of us didn’t want. This means Chromebook users (which is huge in schools right now) will have access to their work no matter where they go. The user interface works great on the student side as well (our district used Google Classroom for teacher PDs). You may also want to check out my 9 weeks of online music lessons survival pack (on sale for a limited time). Search . He's a Past-President of the Michigan Kodaly Educators and Executive Secretary of the Midwest Kodaly Music Educators Association. Music Teacher Resources for School Closuresby Elizabeth Caldwell 2. Your youngest students are always going to have a bit more trouble with using online tools than your older kids. Don’t get so stuck on one method of online instruction. Within these posts you’ll find loads of free downloadable resources, free paper packets, links to music ed sites, lesson ideas, and more. Google Classroom integrates almost seamlessly with many other online learning resources. Today’s blog post is about helping music teachers with free distance learning music activities. Whether they’re listening to a concert or song to getting direct instruction from the videos, there are almost unlimited options available. Preparing to Teach Remotelyby Smart Music 5. For those who don’t know, I love Flat.io. The same monster that is on each lesson plan gets to come alive and makes music on this app. Ideas for Teaching Music Remotely by Karen Stafford. ... Unit Plans, Lesson Plans, Articles and Lists, Inquiry. No need to download and re-upload anything. Get your face in front of students as much as possible. Introduction to colour piano - Learning the piano using a color method technique. Keep reading to get Free Resources and Tutorials to help with distance learning. Visit the About The Authors page to learn about the different authors on this site. The majority of these actually reinforce appropriate musical concepts too. Hello Fourth Grade Friends! eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-medrectangle-4','ezslot_2',105,'0','0'])); This section briefly goes over my absolute favorite resources to use in teaching and to share with my students for teaching music remotely. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Students will perform a steady beat with known songs to the macrobeat (and/or microbeat) with 80% accuracy. Dynamic Music Room was started in 2019 by Zach VanderGraaff with the goal of providing helpful resources for music teachers working with young musicians from Kindergarten through 12th grade. No downloading or uploading needed. Check out fun music activities for Kindergarten. Google Classroom does this automatically! Encourage students to share their assignment products with other people in their home. They’re always adding too, so be sure to check back with them periodically. I don’t know about you, but I never want to be caught off guard like this again, so I did some research and collected resources for these elementary music distance learning activities and other resources. Chrome Music Lab has gained a big following through the whole online music teaching fun-ness. Ages 7-11. These six elementary music classroom ideas will liven up your lessons. Tell the parents what to look for and how to use your resources. Ask students to watch Kid President video and comment and what they think it takes to succeed at something difficult in the Google Classroom module. link to How To Glissando On Piano (So Easy! Are you looking forward to teaching in an online environment in the fall? Also known as remote instruction or e-learning, distance learning involves teachers teaching students who are not physically in their presence. Make the parents an important part of your classroom. I love using listening maps in the elementary music classroom, but, they are especially helpful for music distance learning. ” Find lesson plans about steady beat, pitch, musical form, music from diverse cultures, and many more topics. Create a Loom video covering the following: Inviting them to sing a few songs with you appropriate to their age (examples below), Discuss what steady beat is and invite them to do the beat with one of these songs in different places on their bodies. Offer students choices; this makes them more likely to engage. Join me for a lesson full of singing, saying, dancing, and playing! It’s a great place to explore and experiment which is free and works on phone, tablet, and desktop (anything with access to Google Chrome). Keep in mind that I don't have any musical background but I wanted to make it fun for my students and not become stressed out myself. 3 Elementary Music Distance Learning Activities. See more ideas about elementary music, teaching music, music lesson plans. Ask students to find three different sounds in their home and perform the rhythms sent via Flat on the instrument. Don’t leave it up to chance, but have the parents be a co-teacher. Have students watch the Loom video where you: Review known musical rhythm and pitch concepts, Demonstrate how to add rhythms and pitches to Flat, Model the reflection and editing process for creating their own song, Students go through the process of creating their own song in Flat and sharing back with the teacher. Music Lesson for children, elementary school music class Pirate Song and Dance for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Students will perform a known song while patting a steady beat to 3 different people either in person or via another method of communication. Distance education lesson plans and worksheets from thousands of teacher-reviewed resources to help you inspire students ... First, elementary and middle schoolers improve a piece of writing by using precise, vivid language, as well as appropriate word choice. Without parent buy-in and engagement, the Kinders aren’t going to get it as effectively. If you’d like to share a resource, email me at DynamicMusicRoomATgmailDOTcom. Students need to respond to the teacher with how they patted the beat and whom they sang to. Now it’s up to the parents for the most part. Once they’re done, students must answer the following questions in short answers as a reflection on their process: How good do you think your song ended up? These might be carried out for numerous reasons, nevertheles The Lesson Zone Index. Bookmark this post or sign up for the Dynamic Music Room email list to make sure you get all the updates you need when you need it. Write it in Flat and assign it seamlessly through Google Classroom for easy looking and listening. For full details read our, Resources For Teaching Elementary Music Online, 3 Elementary Music Distance Learning Activities, Kindergarten Music Remote Learning: Yeah…, Tips For Teaching Elementary Music Online, Classroom set up for use with many students, Allows for notation to be easily sent, created, and collected, Requires basic understanding of sheet music, Limited number of videos available for free, Easy to use and helpful learning techniques built in, Accessible across all devices and age levels, Not useful as the basis for online learning in music, but a good supplement, FREE videos of almost unlimited music potential, Direct instruction videos AND listening examples alike, Almost every student will already know how to navigate it (maybe even better than us teachers! Students will create rhythms through Chrome Music Lab. Quizzes cover Sure, it’s possible to make the videos unshareable, but then there are extra steps for kids and you. Have you heard a pianist performing a glissando? 5 Tech Tools to Considerby Midnight Music 7. But it’s use as a resource is insanely cool. Elementary Music Lesson Plan Template - PDF. PBS Kids is all about the younger ones, and they have a whole channel dedicated to music games and learning. The goal of this lesson plan is for students to learn how to keep a beat with the music. Essentially, Flowkey is a piano learning program, but it’s so thorough and offers many learning tools perfect for learning at home. We also partner with CJ, ClickBank, ShareASale, and Flowkey to provide you with the best options out there. Optional: Make a video and send it to the teacher through Google Classroom of them doing a song. Why do you think I had you watch the Kid President video before beginning the lesson? You'll find plenty of activities to keep your students interested and engaged while they sing songs, play instruments, and learn about musical genres. Teachers can make the video themselves or find them to share. Talk further about how music can trigger different feelings. Remote and E-Learning Activities by Aimee Curtis Pfitzner. There is a free base version with limited courses and songs opened to you, but these are good to check out. This year, listening activities will be even more important in the classroom if you are not allowed to sing due to COVID-19 restrictions. This is a great way to help children to identify their feelings, as well as learning about music in movies. Each game is also designed to meet different students’ levels while still being simple to play and engaging. The options are endless, and I (almost) look forward to the possibility of playing around with this. Remote and E-Learning Activitiesby Aimee Pfitzner 3. Ask them to pat the beat in 3 different places while watching and singing along with the Johnny Works video. Though many of us have reached summer break at this point, we’ve all learned an important lesson in being prepared for distance learning. Keeping Beat - Beat is the underlying pulse in music, this lesson will help them better understand this concept. Fortunately for you, I have now figured out a couple of fun things to do. Of all the grades to end up teaching online elementary music lessons with, none may be more difficult than Kindergarten. These are 3 ways to look at as examples of how to use them. Whether you are looking for kits of classroom materials, lesson plans, science videos, distance learning programs, or full courses, the Academy has science teaching resources galore. Some of the links may be affiliate in nature meaning we earn a small commission if an item is purchased. They each introduce different aspects … Students will read and perform rhythms with 80% accuracy. Make them feel essential. Want students to compose a melody off of your accompaniment? This leads to the next important element. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_9',104,'0','0']));eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_10',104,'0','1'])); Do you want to be prepared in case you need to teach music in an online setting again? These lessons have a ton of useful tools that impress and help me too! \. Pick three people to sing one of these songs to and pat the beat. ), You always need to watch the videos first yourself, Older students may be reluctant to give them a shot. These may be applied for several factors, nevertheless, Here are 15 sites that provide helpful materials for teachers. And as always, my choice is to keep things simple yet effective. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-leader-2','ezslot_13',120,'0','0']));Search up “Dynamic Music Room” for our YouTube channel. There are many ways to apply these activities to elementary music distance learning activities. With Google Classroom, you’re able to assign students to specific classes. Dealing with Stressby me 6. KidsGov Music Portal (K-5) (Y) The music listing in the U.S. government interagency Kids' Portal. They’re your biggest helpers. Do you want to make sure you don't burn any bridges as you quit? Students will compose an 8 measure melody in known meter and tonality using concepts they already know using Flat. Lesson Zone™ Elementary Music Lesson Plans from MakingMusicFun.net “Get lesson plans for the music classroom that are sure to send the fun into overdrive! The best part about these elementary music lessons, is there’s an app to go right along with them. Flowkey is the perfect online tool for this. Anyone would love using and playing around with this program. They don’t pay me to say any of this; I just think their platform is so easy to use! You’ll be able to see easily who has turned in and who hasn’t and offer specific feedback to the students at any time. So why try to reinvent the wheel? Browse lesson plans that keep kids moving and having fun while teaching them to hear and reproduce a steady beat. It won’t form the basis of your instruction, but Music Lab can be a key part of exploring what students have learned in different, visually-stimulating ways. Materials: Loom video demonstration, Google Classroom assignment with video, YouTube video of Johnny Works With One Hammer, Peg’s Parade from PBS Kids, Concepts: Rhythms appropriate to the grade level and sequence of your choosing; timbre, Materials: Loom video demonstration, Google Classroom assignment with video, Flat notation with rhythm to play along with (syllables underneath), link to Chrome Music Lab, eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-large-mobile-banner-2','ezslot_12',122,'0','0']));Grade: 3-5+, Concepts: Compose using known pitch and rhythm elements, Materials: Loom video demonstration, Google Classroom assignment with video, Flat notation accompaniment patterned set to “force a copy”, YouTube video Kid President Pep Talk, questions on a Google doc (also set to force a copy). The three people they chose to sing to (required), The three ways they kept the beat (required), A video of them performing a known song (optional). Either way, I find that music class just isn’t the same without these five activities, whether in person or online with a distance learning lesson. Teach the parents how to do the music too. Adorable original Song and Dance with Vocal and Mp3 Tracks for K-6. The monthly membership opens up all the options. Can't make it to the Academy? Their tech capabilities are fairly limited, and you’re almost entirely dependent on the parents with follow-through. Not every link is an affiliate, but it’s safe to assume when linked to a product it could be. Best of all, they also offer their own “classroom” version called for Flat for Education. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-leader-3','ezslot_14',116,'0','0'])); It may seem simple, but YouTube is a seriously great resource. Since Music was a subject that I had to comment on on the report cards, I created a variety of simple elementary music lesson plans. We occasionally link to goods offered by vendors to help the reader find relevant products. Rewarding? Music Lessons During School Closuresby Aileen Miracle 4. However, we pass on good “deals” for us in order to give you info on the best options out there. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-box-4','ezslot_1',106,'0','0']));This tool is obvious and not specific to music, but Google Classroom is the ruler of online learning right now. Let us sing! They must describe the instrument and the type of sound it creates. Once they’re happy, take a screenshot or describe for you via a reply what the rhythm and sounds were. Students may undertake distance learning coursework in music in order to update their professional credentials, pursue a music industry career or enhance their abilities as musical performers. These are blog posts that you will find helpful: 1. Distance Learning Resources for Elementary Drama and Dance. Elementary Music Education Lessons, Resources, and Tips ... Take a BIG breath and read on for tips and ideas to help create a low-stress distance learning classroom for both teachers and students. What tricks did you discover to help you finish the assignment? Di… Chrome markets it as a way to combine music with math, science, art, and other areas, but it works well as a standalone music activity. It’s powered by and fully integrates with Google Classroom. Flowkey isn’t for your normal music classes and teaching online. ), Not every link is an affiliate, but it’s safe to assume when linked to a product it could be. Note: These lessons are usable right away, but they’re more designed to offer examples of how to integrate the resources mentioned above into a lesson. Make the online piece as simple as possible. Many of these resources will be great for band, choir, orchestra and piano students. Use this as inspiration to launch your own lessons. Check back periodically to see the list as it may be added to over time. Many of my elementary students also take piano lessons or want to learn piano. You may also enjoy this video on how to structure your lesson plans for teaching music online. ... posted in Music Class Activities, Music Teacher Tips, Seasonal Favorites. What makes their jobs so tricky? Entry Kentry | Music Lesson Plan - … Music Quizzes - The Music Tech Teacher provides more than 130 music quizzes and games that can be used in the classroom. Plus, if you do get more family music engagement, the whole family’s appreciation of music will sky-rocket. One of the main struggles my district had was a way to make videos quickly to connect with students. The videos don’t just have to be for the kids. Once you’re done, the videos are hosted on their platform and accessible by anyone with the link. Their found sounds and describe the timbre of each sound, A screenshot or description of the created rhythm in Music Lab, Singing a song appropriate to their grade level with them, Reviewing or teaching rhythms using syllables and notation from Flat. Their games are free and often available for all devices. Teaching Music Remotely by Sing to Kids. There are two big things to think about with Kindergarten remote learning. Track all engagement and work. Musical Elements Song (T, Y) Sung to the tune of "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star", this song teaches about the elements of music. Engage with the parents as needed. Here are a list of topics that I covered in my elementary music lesson plans: 1. They can (and should) be improved upon. At its core, Flat is a browser-based notation program. Elementary Music Lesson Plan Ideas – There are a variety of ways in which an elementary lesson plan can be achieved. They must also reply to 2 other student’s comments. Ask students to play rhythms with you and review using the notation Flat sends to their Google Classroom assignment. Just make the video and send the link to your students. Did you ever feel like giving up on this project? Students will reflect on the creation process and describe the skills they needed to succeed and/or how they overcame difficulties. This Kindergarten Music bundle includes 23 products all in one purchase, including all the fun 'stuff'! The web is a great place to find free music activities and lesson plans that can be used in the classroom. Hopefully no matter what your teaching situation, these tips can help. More Teaching Resources: • Improving Student Engagement During Distance Learning PD Course • Steps To Literacy Classroom Books & Leveled Readers! Read as sarcasm. eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_11',119,'0','0']));The program has a free trial of its premium and a free base version with limited videos hosted at one time. Lesson Zone™ Worksheets. So I wanted to share with you what I'm doing to keep distance learning simple for teaching elementary music. eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'dynamicmusicroom_com-leader-1','ezslot_8',111,'0','0'])); But Flat also has app forms of their software which is almost as easy to use. Try new things to shake it up. 2020–21 distance learning plan • ‘iolani school 2 With regard to the school’s core technological and communications systems, ‘Iolani offers the following FAQs to describe how we will communicate and manage learning during the implementation of distance learning. Elementary School Music Lesson Plans – There are a number of methods which an elementary lesson plan can be accomplished. Music Lesson Plans for Steady Beat. Do you wonder how to play that fun-sounding technique? Teach-nology Music Lessons (T) Teach-nology offers a long list of music lesson plans by grade and category. Uncompleted assignments appear different than the completed ones, and teachers are able to organize lessons into units by concept. May 3, 2020 - Explore Jennifer Melvin-Oge''s board "Music Ed- Distance Learning", followed by 137 people on Pinterest. Send it over with “make a copy” chosen, and students will be able to change the file without affecting the master. On top of this, they have over 1,500+ real songs broken down with videos and learning pieces available.

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