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Oriolo S et al (2016b) Timing of deformation in the Sarandí del Yí Shear Zone, Uruguay: implications for the amalgamation of the Western Gondwana during the Neoproterozoic Brasiliano–Pan-African Orogeny. I thank the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences for providing office space during my sabbatical, during which the manuscript was drafted. In: Andrew CJ et al (eds) Digging deeper: Proceedings of the 9th Biennial SGA Meeting, Dublin, Ireland, pp 1049–1052, Borg G et al (2003) Geology of the Skorpion zinc deposit, southern Namibia. Its primary purpose is for irrigation, domestic and industrial use as well as for power generation. The Gariep Dam is the largest storage reservoir in South Africa. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available, Geology of Southwest Gondwana River basin definition: A river basin is the area of land from which all the water flows into a particular river. MSc thesis, University of Cape Town, Cape Town, 182 pp, Reid DL (1991) Alkaline rocks in the Kuboos-Bremen igneous province, southern Namibia: the Kanabeam multiple ring complex. S Afr J Geol 98:176–190, Frimmel HE (2000a) New U-Pb zircon ages for the Kuboos pluton in the Pan-African Gariep belt, South Africa: Cambrian mantle plume or far field collision effect? Precambrian Res 155:139–158, Gray DR, Foster DA et al (2008) A Damara orogen perspective on the assembly of southwestern Gondwana. Commun Geol Surv Namib 12:197–209, Frimmel HE (2000c) The stratigraphy of the Chameis Sub-terrane in the Gariep Belt in southwestern Namibia. Pretoria. Precambrian Res 110:277–306, Thomas RJ et al (2016) The Sperrgebiet Domain, Aurus Mountains, SW Namibia: A ~ 2020–850 Ma window within the Pan-African Gariep Orogen. In: Halls HC, Fahrig WF (eds) Mafic dyke swarms. Leaving Springbok Basin and entering Middle Basin eastwards the huge tower at Oviston was not yet visible. Elsevier, Amsterdam, pp 3–11, Germs GJB (1995) The Neoproterozoic of southwestern Africa, with emphasis on platform stratigraphy and paleontology. Tectonics 35. FR 2183/8). It represents the effect of headwater erosion by rivers flowing southwest and southeast from the escarpment. This coincided with the current examination and modelling of the supply and use of ecosystem goods and services in the Gariep Basin as part of the Southern African Millennium Assessment (SAfMA). The Gariep belt evolved from an ocean basin, the so-called Adamastor ocean, that separated the Kalahari craton of southern Africa from the Rio de la Plata craton in South America. These units grade into a second, regionally extensive sheet of glaciogenic diamictite with minor intercalated banded iron formation. Geology 32:817–820, Hofmann M et al (2014) The Namuskluft and Dreigratberg sections in southern Namibia (Kalahari Craton, Gariep Belt): a geological history of Neoproterozoic rifting and recycling of cratonic crust during the dispersal of Rodinia until the amalgamation of Gondwana. Commun Geol Surv Namib 7:3–13, Reid DL et al (1991) Time of emplacement and metamorphism of Late Precambrian mafic dykes associated with the Pan-African Gariep orogeny, Southern Africa: implications for the age of the Nama Group. I'm 55 years old and I have been going to Big Basin for as long as I can … Study Guide for Pretoria University. Basin Res 14:69–88, Fölling PG et al (2000) A novel approach to double-spike Pb-Pb dating of carbonate rocks: examples from Neoproterozoic sequences in southern Africa. In: Pankhurst RJ et al (eds) West Gondwana: pre-cenozoic correlations across the South Atlantic Region. Basin Res 14:55–67, Frimmel HE et al (2006) Provenance and chemostratigraphy of the Neoproterozoic West Congolian Group in the Democratic Republic of Congo. All structured data from the file and property namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0 License; all unstructured text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License; additional terms may apply. Trans Geol Soc S Afr 86:293–299, Will T et al (2014) Geochemical and isotope evidence for initiation of Cretaceous South Atlantic opening along a former Neoproterozoic back-arc basin: implications for the location of the main Pan-African suture in southwest Gondwana. 2003, the Gariep Basin was researched and evaluated. In South African English, 'dam' refers both to the structure and the water volume it retains. This leads to a mean annual precipitation (MAP) to mean annual runoff (MAR) conversion rate of less than 10 percent for the basin as a whole and a rate approaching one percent in some of the drier lower reaches. Precambrian Res 292:152–162, Fölling PG, Frimmel HE (2002) Chemostratigraphic correlation of carbonate successions in the Gariep and Saldania Belts, Namibia and South Africa. Precambrian Res 292:417–451, McMillan MD (1968) The geology of the Witputs-Sendelingsdrif area. The continental, ≤771 ± 6 Ma rift deposits reflect alluvial plain and delta environments that evolved into a shallow sea. Precambrian Research Unit, University of Cape Town. Dietrich Reimer, Berlin, 321 pp, Kennedy MJ (2001) Are Proterozoic cap carbonates and isotopic excursions a record of gas hydrate destabilization following Earth’s coldest intervals? Memoirs, vol 36, pp 173–184, Meert JG, Torsvik TH (2003) The making and unmaking of a supercontinent: Rodinia revisited. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Trans Geol Soc S Afr 69:87–98, Miller RM (2013) Comparative stratigraphic and geochronological evolution of the northern Damara Supergroup in Namibia and the Katanga Supergroup in the Lufilian Arc of Central Africa. The dam is on the Orange River about 48 kilometres (30 mi) north-east of Colesberg and 208 kilometres (129 mi) south of Bloemfontein. Precambrian Res 105:57–71, Frimmel HE, Jonasson I (2003) The controls on Neoproterozoic base metal sulphide mineralization. So far, no evidence of the global c. 635 Ma Marinoan glaciation has been detected in the Gariep Belt and it is speculated that the area was land at that time. © 2020 Springer Nature Switzerland AG. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. Geology 29:443–446, Knoll AH (2000) Learning to tell Neoproterozoic time. The Gariep Dam is the largest storage reservoir in South Africa. It must be carefully managed by balancing the supply-and-demand of this water resource usage for its derivatives of electricity generation, irrigation(food) and municipal drinking water.Department of Water - Orange River Basin - Map and flow diagrams, Map (Tunnel & Canals)Illustration - Further details on the Department of Water - Fish-Sundays, Gariep Hydro-Electric power plants, which is remotely controlled from GautengFurther Facts and Details, At Oviston, on the south bank of the reservoir, is the inlet of the Orange-Fish River Tunnel, allowing water to be diverted to the Great Fish River and most of the Eastern Cape's western parts. Contrib Miner Petrol 160:777–801, Ritter U (1980) The Precambrian evolution of the eastern Richtersveld. Geol Mag 142:539–559, Gaucher C et al (2009) The Neoproterozoic and Cambrian: a time of upheavals, extremes and innovations.

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