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In the interim our understanding is that core activities such as dispensing, assembly and supply would definitely be defined as operational. the board did not have authority to adopt Ultimately only a court of law can decide upon the scope of legislation. has the authority to limit the number of Under the RP regulations I understand that for this practice to continue the RP must sign in at 6:00am and that no dispensing activities can take place until the RP has signed in for that 24 hour period. erred. 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However if the DH and RPSGB interpretations are correct, then a pharmacist will need to have assumed the role of the responsible pharmacist or be legitimately absent under the responsible pharmacist regulations to legally allow the preparation of prescriptions as described in your scenario. Where the responsible pharmacist is away from the registered premises for lunch then the pharmacy business has two options* – the responsible pharmacist could sign out as responsible pharmacist and the registered pharmacy premises could close (this will depend on how much of the premises is actually ‘registered’ – eg in supermarkets, often only the dispensary and medicines counter will be registered) or alternatively they could remain the responsible pharmacist and use the absence provisions in the regulations. If you used up 1 hour and 30 minutes of absence time during your time as RP then the next RP would only have 30 minutes available. Federal law requires only that an employer pay for certain time, even if it is designated as a break. one will hear the legal phrase ultra vires Dr. Fink is professor of pharmacy However – in the event that it doesn’t make it clear we will issue guidance to address these scenarios. The pharmacist may choose to act as the responsible pharmacist for the first half hour of the day, to allow the staff to undertake this activity before the premises are open to the public. implement or interpret an enactment Your suggestion that a RP could "use the absence provision in the regulations" to take a break for lunch during which he/she would remain legally 'responsible' and "the pharmacy business could continue to be 'operational' in the absence of the responsible pharmacist" could not possibly deliver complete mental and physical rest breaks that comply with the Working Time Regulations (WTR). Commission ruled that the board did not She would then remove the six bottles, hide them in the storeroom, and destroy the packing invoice. decision that the rule was The board then went to a trial court 'I As owner of the business I will review my SOPs and make changes where necessary. I am a part-time pharmacist who works 5 days a week from 9:30am to 3:00pm. This is the board's second attempt to require breaks. In those states that require meal breaks, employees who work more than five or six hours at a time typically must be allowed to take a half hour to eat. (Note this is somewhat different from recording bookings and cancellations). Let me use a scenario to illustrate how this flexibility may be useful. The “new” Responsible Pharmacist would in fact be the Responsible Pharmacist from the date and time they indicate this in the Pharmacy Record and not the pharmacist who has forgotten to sign out. Generally, pharmacist employees should be taking their lunch breaks. College of Pharmacy, action used to describe steps taken by In many instances this will be advantageous for the responsible pharmacist and the pharmacy business. Following all that activity, the board According to the National Pharmacies and Professionals Australia Pharmacists Agreement 2016, accepted by the Fair Work Commission in June this year: 1. You should also be prepared to justify why a record was not made in real time. All deliveries are made at the request of the patient, their GP, or their carer, so consent is implicit. The section of legislation which you are referring to doesn’t relate to signing in or out as responsible pharmacist and instead relates to annotating the time and date of absence starting or ending. I recently attended my local branch meeting to hear a speaker from the NPA giving a presentation about the new “Responsible Pharmacist” regulations. to solicit comments for review. Coronavirus and Australian workplace laws. At one of my shops, a member of staff is contracted to start work before other staff and before the shop opens to the public. The responsible pharmacist may then elect to sign in when they assume the role and sign out several days later when they relinquish it. asking that the judge overturn the commission's I don’t understand how a pharmacy company can require a single pharmacist to be an RP for one of its branches at all times? Presumably, once the regulations come into force, I'll be the designated "responsible pharmacist" when I'm on duty in those pharmacies. 9.21 Pharmacist Meal/Rest Breaks Part 10 Pharmacy Practice 10.1 Prescription Drug Orders 10.2 Legitimate Prescriptions 10.3 End of Prescriber’s Practice 10.4 Allowed Forms of Prescription Drug Orders 10.5 Tamper Resistant Prescription Forms 10.6 Loss of Prescription Pads or Forms 10.7 Prescriptions Not Hand Written If a mistake is made in making up a script, on a previous day when I have the day off, and the script is given out in good fair when I am the responsible pharmacist - who will take the rap?Michelle says Dear Irene. The pharmacist arrives at the pharmacy on Tuesday at 9am but 3 of his staff arrive at 8.30am to put away dispensary stock (the pharmacy must have a responsible pharmacist in place if it is ‘operational’ and the definition of operational goes beyond opening hours). state's Rules Review Commission. Firstly it is essential that each time a new pharmacist acts as a responsible pharmacist he or she signs in as the responsible pharmacist. It is possible to have more than one RP in one day but not at the same time. As I have said in responses to previous questions, the Responsible Pharmacist regulations were never intended to deal with the issue of rest breaks. Sometimes, The pharmacist shall be responsible for the duties performed under his or her supervision by a technician. during that time period to take a 30 The break room at my store has a sign that says all pharmacists are allowed to close to the pharmacy for meal breaks at their discretion. The interactive Q+A service is now closed. I have been asked to take on the role of RP during my working hours (this is an exciting prospect) BUT I am worried that between myself and the pharmacist who signs on after me, in one day the total absence will exceed the total 2 hours stipulated! There is now a legal obligation on the responsible pharmacist to secure the safe and effective running of the pharmacy and to establish (where they haven’t already been established), maintain and review the standard operating procedures which help to secure the safe and effective running of the pharmacy. preparing scripts for the pharmacist's return, stocking shelves, etc). As responsible pharmacist, your duty will be to secure the safe and effective running of the business as far as it concerns the sale or supply of medicines so, in the same way in which you would currently deal with this scenario, you will need to use your professional judgement as to whether staffing levels are adequate and discuss this with the area manager or superintendent's office. Please would you clarify whether any or all of the following duties are “forbidden” without a RP signed in? Isn't this risky? 1) The statutory instrument document states that the particulars which must be included on the pharmacy record are – e) in relation to any absence of the responsible pharmacist from the premises on a day on which they were the responsible pharmacist. In theory a single individual could be the sole responsible pharmacist for the vast majority and in some cases the entire time. Mandatory Periodic Breaks for Pharmacists Upheld, /publications/issue/2007/2007-02/2007-02-6302, Copyright Specialty Pharmacy Times 2006-2019, 2 Clarke Drive Suite 100 Cranbury, NJ 08512 P:609-716-7777 F:609-716-9038. wording, and conducted a public hearing Whether or not the use of the absence provisions to accommodate a rest break would fall foul of the Working Time Regulations is uncertain and legal opinion from a specialist in employment law or perhaps even interpretation by a court of law would be needed to answer this.Let me turn now to the question you pose on signing in and out as the responsible pharmacist. This would mean the employee was on call thus on duty. requiring breaks for meals and otherwise, Thank you for taking the time to pose this question. agreed with the board that it had the The legislation requires that a record is made, and the professional guidance requires that entries are “contemporaneous”. the Court of Appeals, the intermediate This legal obligation and liability does not extend to the pharmacy manager or any other responsible pharmacist however the actual task of checking that entries are made by other responsible pharmacists could in my view be reasonably delegated to the pharmacy manager or other regular pharmacist. This situation currently occurs at some of our retail pharmacies where the pharmacist goes for lunch and the dispensary is closed but the rest of the shop remains open. The Supreme Court If the responsible pharmacist takes a rest break and is absent from the pharmacy premises whilst it remains open for business, then the absence will count towards the maximum two-hour absence that is allowed and a record must be made. Michelle Styles, formerly head of information services at the NPA, and Wing Tang, the NPA's specialist pharmacist advisor, answer questions from C+D readers about the Responsible Pharmacist regulations that came into force in October 2009. Technically if the RP is 'absent' from the registered premises for any reason (eg bathroom breaks in a different part of the store, undertaking a service in a consultation room that does not form part of the registered premises) then the law states he or she would need to sign out and RPSGB guidance states that the reason would need to be recorded as well. limiting the number of continuous hours To be upheld by the commission, a regulation However, the situation is different when the same pharmacist acts as the sole responsible pharmacist for a longer period of time. it was considering adopting such a rule, statutes require that the commission act Our understanding is that liability in these cases can depend upon the intricacies and variations of the individual circumstances and therefore it would be inappropriate to give a general answer. Remember that the law permits a total cumulative absence of up to 2 hours in any 24 hour period beginning and ending at midnight.". The pharmacist had worked full time for more than 11 years at the pharmacy from which he was discharged. and I would like to be prepared for any questions fired at me by the staff at the beginning of October. (2) Are the new SOPs for the RP meant to supplement or replace the existing SOPs? have authority conferred by the legislature It is unclear from your description of your delivery service whether or not you would be compliant with all of these standards. This has not been defined directly in legislation – however the Department of Health and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain have interpreted this as meaning more than just when the pharmacy is open to the public and could include assembly of medicines against a prescription or ordering of medicines before or after opening hours. With regard to your answers to questions posed by Stuart and Sarah Roberts concerning rest breaks, I am gravely concerned that you have offered guidance that is irreconcilable with employment legislation and court precedents. (b) The employer must pay the pharmacist at the penalty rate for the period of the meal break,regardless of other penalty rates to which the pharmacist is entitled. Is there a statutory or ethical requirement that we record the exact hours that we were the RP and should this show any absences? The agency gave public notice that farthest away from the pharmacist’s station. refilling, and transfer of prescriptions. a. The maximum cumulative absence within a 24 hour period, starting and ending at midnight is 2 hours. Thank you for your question. You could then legitimately be absent on Monday evening after hours for a period of time or Tuesday morning before opening. necessary authority, stating: "The majority opinion rests upon the Clearly a record riddled with gaps should be treated differently to one-off forgetfulness. The primary aim of the legislation is to allow flexibility for the development of new roles away from the pharmacy premises. reasons stated in the dissent.". Lexington. continuous hours per work day. What is the legal position? federal agency?, and, (4) It was adopted in accordance with Hello Angela and thank you for taking the time to ask a question. Then my wife can sign on at 14:00 when she returns, (I see that signing off in advance is allowed if a planned absence ends after the close of business). I work with 2 other full-time pharmacists (including the superintendent) and another part-time pharmacist. Therefore overnight, whilst the pharmacy is closed and no activity is taking place, in reality there would be nothing to be responsible for.Let me use a scenario to illustrate how this flexibility may be useful.Consider a pharmacist acting as the responsible pharmacist from Monday to Friday. Consider a scenario in a supermarket pharmacy which is open 100hrs a week. Any deliveries which are not suitable to be left (CDs, fridge lines etc) are labelled accordingly. The Responsible Pharmacist regulations were not brought in to resolve the issue of pharmacist rest breaks but they do impact on it. In my area the only pharmacists who don't get official lunch breaks (during pharmacist overlap) with Walgreens are the overnighters and the ones who work at 9-9 stores (and even then they only work a 12 hour shift once a week). However, factors such as adherence to SOPs by the checking pharmacist or the supplying pharmacist would be important. For more information, visit the ODRISA page. We would hope that the state and the regulatory bodies would look at these issues on a  case by case basis using common sense and pragmatism, but you will need to weigh up in your own mind what  course of action is appropriate for your circumstances. The Board of Pharmacy appealed to The stress carries on to family life. I understand that normal practice for locums is to record that they were at a particular pharmacy on a particular day. Hour Act. Plaintiffs claim that Walgreens’ companywide policy requires pharmacists to remain on duty and responsible for pharmacy operations, including by staying on Walgreens’ premises and logged into the computer system—and therefore responsible for all prescriptions filled at the pharmacy during that time—during “rest breaks” that do not meet the standard of bona fide rest breaks to which they are … I understand that much of the legislation is formalising what we were already doing as "Pharmacist In Charge". opinion, the state Supreme Court ruled: invalid because it was beyond the scope The changes introduced the role of the Responsible Pharmacist (RP), in connection with the lawful Consider a pharmacist acting as the responsible pharmacist from Monday to Friday. I understand only the dispensary and medicines counter will be registered. Typically this will involve making an entry in the pharmacy record (signing in as the responsible pharmacist), ensuring that a compliant responsible pharmacist notice is on display, a check that the required SOPs are in place and that these are safe and effective. You could then legitimately be absent on Monday evening after hours for a period of time or Tuesday morning before opening. This is not necessarily impossible to comply with as it is not a requirement to sign in and out as Responsible Pharmacist on a daily basis if the same pharmacist will be the Responsible Pharmacist continuously for a number of days. then petitioned the commission to have We keep a duplicate record of all deliveries. Even if we are working the next day. It's worth remembering that the responsible pharmacist regulations were not designed to deal with rest breaks. We are glad that you are enjoying the column and thank you for your additional questions. The new guidelines from the RSPGB make no mention of reasonable breaks from duty during a day's work. In your final question you ask about the locum contract. Of course, this may be interpreted differently by case law in the future so in the interim we would advise you to seek clarification from Head Office". All staff are aware of the current restrictions and legal responsibilities when the pharmacist is absent. a pharmacist may practice without a adopted the final language of the regulation must meet several criteria: "(1) It is within the authority delegated no inherent power or authority; it must The position for other pharmacy activities will hopefully be addressed by the clarification. A pharmacist working longer than six continuous hours shall be allowed to take a 30-minute break. continuous hours a pharmacist may was the state Department of Law, under Your point about risk if the pharmacist is taken ill overnight is important as it could be physically impossible for them to sign back out however this problem could just as easily take place in the middle of the day requiring the pharmacist to leave immediately without signing out. Regarding the record keeping for deliveries, can you please confirm the situation. If the pharmacist must end the day early for personal reasons, the … hours that a licensed pharmacist I'm a locum and look at the RP regulations from that point of view. Surely the whole point of the RP is that any single pharmacist is only the RP when they are actually working in that pharmacy and functioning as the RP. Or indeed during any absence under RP regulations if no alternative pharmacist is available on the premises? This is not necessarily impossible to comply with as it is not a requirement to sign in and out as Responsible Pharmacist on a daily basis if the same pharmacist will be the Responsible Pharmacist continuously for a number of days.

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